Another major warning sign of sleep apnea is fatigue and daytime sleepiness.

Fatigue is a warning sign of sleep apnea and this means an overwhelming sense of tiredness, lack of energy, and a feeling of weakness. In simple words, fatigue is an unpleasant feeling that describes sensations of muscle weakness and low energy but without having sleepiness. People with fatigue usually want to rest, sitting down on a chair, or laying down on the bad, but without wanting to sleep.

Daytime Sleepiness is the tendency to fall asleep during the day. A person with excessive daytime sleepiness has the desire to fall asleep or has unintended episodes of falling asleep during the daytime. Compared to fatigue, sleepiness is in general a pleasant feeling of drowsiness. It makes you lie down, close your eyes, and fall asleep. This sensation occurs in general before falling asleep.

fatigue is a warning sign of sleep apnea

Sleepy cat with sleep apnea

Both fatigue and daytime sleepiness are symptoms of sleep apnea. And although I didn’t realize it while I was living through it, now that I can reflect on the past, I recognize that I personally had both of these symptoms. For example during school, in between classes, I would go to the library and find a desk where I could take a nap during the day.  If I was sitting in a chair by the pool or at a movie I would easily fall asleep.  I was able to easily fall asleep anywhere at any time. While this was occurring, prior to being diagnosed with sleep apnea, I didn’t associate anything abnormal about this behavior. I just thought I was taking a power nap to recharge my batteries. The concept of sleep apnea had never crossed my consciousness and just figured I was fatigued.

If you have the symptoms of fatigue and excessive sleepiness then you may be at risk for having sleep apnea and should see your physician.

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