I am 15 days into my Sleep apnea experiment of losing weight. Today is August 15th and I realize that first this is a weight loss experiment to figure out how to lose weight.  Then once I lose the weight I can review my sleep apnea results to see if there is any correlation between weight loss and sleep apnea.

So far I have lost 5 pounds.  My plan to lose the weight is as follows:

  • Track the total calories eaten each day and record the calories in a spreadsheet.
  • Record my weight each day in the spreadsheet.
  • Review the relationship between my calorie intake and weight loss and adjust the total calories to lose weight.

The first two days of the sleep apnea diet I consumed 2,000 calories and this did not lead to weight loss. I dropped my calorie intake to 1,700 calories and have been losing weight consistently.  So far 5 pounds have dropped off. Unfortunately I gained some back over the weekend because on Friday and Saturday I went to events and did not track calories and overate.   Today is Monday and I am right back on my sleep apnea calorie counting diet.

I will succeed! And this will be an amazing sleep apnea experiment of losing weight. But it will take time.  I am motivated to find out if the true method for curing sleep apnea is simply to lose weight.

My plan it to track my sleep apnea statistics every time I lose 10 pounds, starting at a weight of 220.  When I reach 220 I will begin recording and analyzing my sleep apnea results.  When I reach 210 I will analyze again, and will do the same at 190; 180; 170 etc.… These will be the intervals for my sleep apnea weight loss experiment and alalysis

Hopefully this will work, it will be a very interesting sleep apnea weight loss experiment.

That is all I have for now I will keep you posted when I reach my first weight loss interval of 220.