Weight loss is a natural treatment for sleep apnea

The first natural treatment that I recommend is to lose weight.  This is because there is a strong correlation between your weight and the severity of your sleep apnea and if you are overweight, weight loss can be very effective at reducing or eliminating your sleep apnea. In studies, even mild weight loss demonstrated measurable improvements in the diameter of the upper airway. The reason for this is because overweight people often have thick necks with extra tissue in the throat that may block their airway. There is no guarantee that losing weight will eliminate your sleep apnea, though it may help. This approach is unlikely to make a difference in patients with a narrow nasal passage or airway.

How can you have lose weight if you have Sleep Apnea?

I am developing a guide to help people lose weight and if you have sleep apnea then you should definitely try it.

My weight loss plan that can help people with Sleep apnea to lose weight will be discussed in the blog section of this website under the section called “Weight Loss”.  Although this blog is about sleep apnea, really anyone can use this plan to lose weight.

Sleep apnea weight loss

Sleep apnea weight loss

Before you can lose weight for sleep apnea you need to get diagnosed with sleep apnea. So please read this article I wrote on how to get diagnosed for sleep apnea.

What inspired me to develop a weight loss plan for sleep apnea?

Because Obesity is a huge problem in the United States and around the world and I have personally failed to lose weight over and over and over again. And reached the point of complete frustration. I reached a number on the scale that I could never imagine in my wildest dreams. I decided that I need a plan to get me to lose weight. I don’t want to write the number that I saw on the scale this morning but I am going to do it anyway. The number I saw was 240.

Yikes 240!

I remember being a freshman in college and stepping on the scale in the gym and seeing 180 and how shocked I was to be 180. And now over many years I have reached 240 a number unimaginable! If I write a weight loss book I may just title it 240!

Please follow this section of my blog as I develop a plan that you and I can follow to lose weight and maybe get rid of sleep apnea.