Can magnets cure sleep apnea?

There is a new experimental treatment that may help to treat sleepa apnea with magnets.

In a first-of-its-kind neck surgery at UCSF, a doctor is implanting patients with an experimental device. It’s designed to keep his airway open, not with tubes or sutures but with a magnet and will allow you to treat sleep apnea with magnets.

A small incision is made and the magnet is placed under the skin and secured to the bone with a couple of stitches.

Then at night, a collar is placed around your neck containing a second magnet. The attraction pulls the implanted magnet forward, pulling open his airway at the same time. The device, known as the Magnap, and is the brain child of Dr. Mike Harrison.

Treat sleep apnea with magnets

Treat sleep apnea with magnets

Harrison says he first used the magnet concept on children with sunken chests to pull the bones forward. And was thinking what else could we do with magnets to pull out that would be useful?

The Magnap is now in clinical trial at UCSF. Researchers say the only significant side effect is a temporary soreness when swallowing.

One issue related to the magnetic device is that you probably can’t be placed in an MRI because of the magnet.

But overall this sounds like an interesting potential treatment option for sleep apnea and that may be easier for patients to use than a CPAP machine. If this ever hits the market I am going to try to treat my sleep apnea with magnets.